Easy Caramilk Slice

Easy Caramilk Slice

This easy no bake Caramilk Slice is the perfect treat for Caramilk lovers! It has a smooth Caramilk fudge base, crunchy biscuit pieces and chopped Caramilk Twirls.

These are the five basic ingredients you'll need for this recipe.

To make the slice, start by chopping the Caramilk Twirls, and popping them into the freezer. This helps stop them melting later on.

Next, crush the biscuits. For the best texture, aim to have a mixture of fine crumbs, small pieces and larger chunks.

Using short bursts in the microwave, heat the sweetened condensed milk, and butter in a microwave-safe bowl until the butter is melted.

Add in the chopped Caramilk chocolate. Leave to melt for a few minutes, then stir until fully melted.

Beat the mixture with a handheld electric mixer until cooled slightly and lightened in colour and texture.

Stir in the crushed biscuits and frozen Caramilk Twirl pieces, saving a some pieces of Twirl to decorate the top.

Spread the mixture into a baking paper lined cake pan, and sprinkle with the reserved Twirl pieces. Chill until set.

Cut the chilled Caramilk slice into pieces and enjoy! Use the link below to get the full printable recipe.