how to make

gluten free trifle

Using delicious from-scratch recipes or use store bought components for a quicker, easier dessert.

Trifle components

Sponge Cake

Make a simple gluten free sponge cake.

You can use a GF boxed cake mix, or a store bought gluten free cake instead.

Trifle components


This homemade gluten free vanilla custard is thick and creamy.

For a quicker trifle, use a thick ready-made gluten free custard.

Trifle components


Strawberries are a classic for trifle, and these vanilla macerated strawberries take it up a notch.

Other fruit options:  Any fresh fruits/berries, tinned fruit or frozen fruit.

Trifle components


Make a simple jelly using strawberry jelly (Jell-O) crystals.

Use any complementary flavoured jelly, or if you're not a jelly fan, leave it out.

gluten free trifle

layering the Trifle

Layer up the trifle components in a large glass bowl, then top with softly whipped cream.

gluten free trifle

Chill the trifle to allow the flavours to combine, then serve! PS: Leftover trifle makes the best breakfast the next day. Just sayin'.

Gluten Free Trifle

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