Simple Stencilled Cake Board

By Natalie

Simple Stencilled Cake Board Tutorial ~ Sweetness and Bite

Well hey there, you! I suppose you might remember me, from way back. Like two months ago, the last time I was talking to you on this here blog. It’s been a while. Back then I had sworn off making cakes for people. I hadn’t been well (even less well than usual) and due to […] Read more…

Neapolitan Surprise Cupcakes {Gluten Free, Or Not}

By Natalie

Neapolitan Surprise Cupcakes ~ Sweetness & Bite

I was reluctant to call these cupcakes Neapolitan Surprise Cupcakes, because usually the idea of surprise food terrifies me. I’m a pretty fussy eater, partly because my stomach has some issues with certain foods, and partly because I have a palate so sensitive that my father thinks I should train as a wine taster. Yep, […] Read more…

Gluten Free White Chocolate Mud Cake

By Natalie

Gluten free white chocolate mud cake for cake decorating ~ Sweetness & Bite

Oh look, cake! Ok if you’ve been following along, you shouldn’t be surprised. I promised gluten free cake recipes, and I generally follow through. Unless I’m tired and having a bad week. In which case you just have to wait a little longer. Anyway, cake. This cake. Gluten free white chocolate mud cake. Short sentences […] Read more…

Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Mud Cake

By Natalie

Gluten free dark chocolate mud cake for cake decorating ~ Sweetness & Bite

I have this thing about wanting life to be fair. You know, if someone throws their rubbish out the car window, it’s only fair that later that afternoon they should slip on a banana peel that someone else has dropped and bruise their right butt cheek, y’know? So, on the flipside, to me it’s really […] Read more…

Gluten Free Cakes for Decorating

By Natalie

Gluten Free Cakes for Cake Decorating. Suitable for covering in fondant and for tiered cakes. ~Sweetness & Bite

I’m a member of a few different cake decorating forums and Facebook groups, and one question I so often see asked is “does anyone have a good gluten free *insert flavour here* cake recipe for decorating?” I sometimes want to pipe up, I do! But often I don’t because I feel like my recipes generally need […] Read more…

How to Line a Cake Tin and Make Baking Strips

By Natalie

How to make baking strips for cake tins

How do you feel about dry cakes? Yeah really, you don’t hear someone come back from a party and announce that they really enjoyed that lovely dry cake with crusty edges that needed to be washed down with a litre of electrolyte water. Ugh. I’m hoping to get some more cake recipes up soon – […] Read more…

Gluten Free Brandy Snaps with Ultimate Whipped Cream

By Natalie

Gluten Free Brandy Snaps with Ultimate Whipped Cream ~ Sweetness and Bite

If you’re a fan of whipped cream and you’re on a New Year’s resolution diet, then I suggest that you don’t read any further. It’s not that I don’t want you here, I really do. But once I introduce you to the whipped-cream-that-is-even-better-than-whipped cream that I filled these gluten free brandy snaps with, your diet […] Read more…

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Crunchy Almond Toblerone Cheesecake

By Natalie

Crunchy Almond Toblerone Cheesecake ~ Sweetness and Bite

Do you have any bad habits? In my family we have a somewhat waist-widening habit of buying Toblerone whenever one or all of us is coming back from overseas and going through the duty-free shop. A few months ago we were coming back from a family holiday to Australia and as we wandered past the […] Read more…

Simple Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies

By Natalie

Simple gluten free chocolate cookies

A short and sweet post today, to share these here cookies in preparation for another recipe coming soon. I’m not going to waffle on and on about the chocolateyness or crispness or whatnot of these gluten free chocolate cookies, all I’m going to tell you about are two of the things that these are perfect for - […] Read more…

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